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Obrigado Brasil (2003)

1. Cristal

2. Chega de Saudade

3. A lenda do caboclo

4. Doce de coco

5. Dança brasileira

6. Apelo

7. Danga negra

8. 1 x 0 (um a zero)

9. Menino

10. Samambaia

11. Carinhoso

12. Alma brasileira

13. O Amor em Paz

14. Bodas de Prata & Quatro Cantos

15. Brasileirinho

6. Salvador



Sun & Moon (2006)

1. Mantra 1

2. Love Chooses Lovers

3. Sun & Moon

4. Stars

5. I Realized

6. Free Falling

7. Swept Away

8. Daydreamer

9. Confessions Of A Man

10. I Realized (Twilight Bossa Mix)

11. Ever After (Jiva Remix)

12. Stars (Louie Vega Mix)

3. Love Chooses Lovers (Hear Chakra Mix)

14. Goodbye Song

15. Stars (Tauriva Mix)



Dizzy Gillespie

Bird Songs - The Final Recordings (1992)


2.Con Alma


4.Night In Tunisia, A

5.Diamond Jubilee Blues, The



Keith Jarrett

Eyes of the heart
1.Eyes Of The Heart (Part I)
2.Eyes Of The Heart (Part II)
3.Encore (a-b-c)
Keith Jarrett

Restoration Ruin

01. Restoration Ruin

02. All Right

03. For You And Me

04. have A Real Time

05. Sioux City Sue New

06. You're Fortunate

07. Fire And Rain

08. Now He Knows Better

09. Wonders

10. Where Are You Going?



Natalie Cole

Leavin 2006

1. Criminal

2. Old Man

3. Day Dreaming

4. Leavin'

5. The More You Do It (The More I Like It Done)

6. Lovin' Arms

7. Love Letter

8. Man With The Child In His Eyes

9. 5 Minutes Away

10. Don't Say Goodnight (Ladies' Version Slow Grind)

11. You Gotta Be

12. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You



Best of Both Worlds (1998)

1. Come Over to My Place

2. Comin' for You

3. So Good

4. When It Rains

5. Love's Comin' Down

6. I Can't Help It

7. Give Me Love

8. Mercy

9. Getz No Where

10. Only One Reason

11. Way I Feel About You

12. After the Rain

13. My Cryin' Blues


Ella Fitzgerald

"Love Songs"

1. Ev\'ry Time We Say Goodbye

2. Cheek to Cheek (With Louis Armstrong)

3. I\'ve Got You Under My Skin

4. Let\'s Fall In Love

5. Summertime

6. The Way You Look Tonight

7. The Man I Love

8. Let\'s Do It (Let\'s Fall In Love)

9. Georgia On My Mind

10. Get Happy

11. A Fine Romance

12. Let\'s Face The Music and Dance

13. Someone to Watch Over Me

14. You Do Something To Me

15. Stormy Weather

16. Manhattan

17. They Can\'t Take That Away From Me (With Louis Armstrong)

18. My Funny Valentine

19. Misty20. The Lady Is A Tramp

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Hi, you have nice stuff in here but looks like I'm late the "restoration ruin" of keith jarrett is no longer available can you please reupload it.

Anónimo disse...

Great music. Thanks.

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